Kit Price – $365 (Includes Pilot) , Decals – $17

The Viper Mark II was the second generation of Viper space-superiority fighter used by the Colonial Fleet. The Mark II was used for much of the Cylon War, and while it was in the process of being replaced by the newer Mark III ten years in, it continued to see service at the war’s conclusion.[2]
Many Mark II’s after the war were removed from service and scrapped,
though a squadron’s worth were tracked down and refitted in time for Galacticas decommissioning ceremony. Due to the lack of CNP and networking, the Mark IIs were immune to Cylon hacking, and these museum exhibits were made operational once more.
The Mark II is approximately 8.4m in length, and is powered by a small nuclearreactor.
It is capable of firing the same type of ammunition as the Mark VII,
which entered service over 30 years later, and both can be launched in
the same launch tubes, indicating a purposely standardised design.

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Youtube build instructions link is at the bottom of this page.


Viper MK2 1/17 Kit (47cm L) 1.96kg

1/17 scale Viper MKII 3D Mesh

Modeled directly from the ZOIC CGI series base mesh and detail taken from the full size mock up, this is the Viper every BSG fan or collector must have.

Being 1/17 scale makes it perfect to scale with any 3.3/4 inch action figure (1/17 – 1/18 Scale),
Consisting of cast parts as well as direct resin printed parts it will be an easy build with the main sections slotting into one another.

Adding lighting will be easy since all the parts are made to accommodate wiring and led’s

1/17 scale ( 47cm | 18.8' ) Prototype MKII Kit. For more build info please click on the image to go to the Modeler Magic page

This is the complete prototype kit that can be displayed on its provided stand or its removable landing gear.

Once complete the kit can split into 5 main sections or glued together if preferred.

Weight – 1.96kg

Length – 47cm ( 19′)

Viper MK2 1/17 Kit (Lit kit by Sam Hake)

1/17 scale ( 47cm | 18.8' ) Prototype MKII Lit Kit

Sam did a great job adding his own lighting kit that he made himself.

Sam Hake Complete Lit kit

Brickstuff Lighting Mini Dradus screen

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