Kit Price – $395 (Includes Pilot)

The Viper Mark I was the first of the series of Viper space-superiority fighters to be used by the Colonial Fleet, who used them against the Cylons during the First Cylon War. Proving to be a successful and reliable design, Viper Mark I would go on to inspire newer generations of improved Vipers which retained resemblance to it. Over the course of the First Cylon War, the Viper Mark I was gradually phased out by the newer Viper Mark IIs and IIIs.

While the Galactica was being converted into a museum shortly before the outbreak of the Second Cylon War, a Viper Mark I was kept as a display piece as part of the exhibit.


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Viper MK1 The Original Series

1/17 scale 3D Viper MK1 Model

Battlestar Galactica Viper MK1 1/17 Resin Kit Modular Design.
Being 1/17 scale makes it perfect to scale with any 3.3/4 inch action figure
(1/17 – 1/18 Scale),
I combined the Full scale Mock up and the series miniature designs to create
this kit.
Consisting of cast parts as well as direct resin printed parts it will be an
easy build with the main sections slotting into one another and a few screws holding
her together.
Adding lighting will be easy since all the parts were designed to accommodate wiring
and led’s

1/17 scale 3D Viper MK1 Model
Viper MK1 TOS 1/17 scale (53cm L x 29,5w - 2.94kg ) Resin Kit.For more build info please click on the image to go to the Modeler Magic page​

This is the complete prototype kit Painted with medium weathering that can be displayed on its provided stand or its removable landing gear.

I based this on the Full size mock up and filming miniature. It will come with the BSG 75 stand since a MK1 was seen in the Mini series pilot in the museum hanger.

This kit is a reveal viper with the rear engine side panels removable to show the interior turbine as well as a rear panel removal showing the engine inner parts.

Weight – 2.94kg

Length – 53cm ( 21.2′)

The kit consists of 55 parts some of which are printed..


Here are photos of Carson Ward’s kit with added lighting and custom stand and

displayed in a custom model box, it is truly a beautifully built kit.