Kit Price – $375 (Includes Pilots and stand parts)

The Raider Type 2 was the first of the series of Raider space-superiority fighters to be used by the Cylon Fleet, who used them against the Colonial Fleet during the later half of the First Cylon War[1][2].

During the Battle of Djerba, a Type 2 basestar deployed over 140 Type 2 raiders against Battlestar Osiris and its complement of about 20 Mark III Vipers. Following heavy damage to the battlestar, Commander Ozar decided to manually activate its nuclear warhead compliment, destroying both ships and their fighter complement[2],


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Cylon Raider Blood and Chrome and Razor

1/32 scale 3D Model


The kit is modeled directly from the TV series 3D mesh, what you get as a kit is what was seen in the series.

Thanks to Lee Stringer (CG Supervisor Season 1, Assets and Modeling Sup Miniseries) for helping with certain details on this kit.

Raider type 2 - 1/32 scale Measuring at 50cm Wide x 40cm Long (20'w x 16'L) 1/32 scale

This is the complete prototype kit Painted with medium weathering that can be displayed on its provided clear stand.

Kit Specs

Weight – 3.8kg

Measuring at 50cm Wide x 40cm Long (20’w x 16’L) 1/32 scale

The kit consists of 56 parts some of which are resin 3D printed..

Designed as a modular kit this model will clip together with minimal glue needed in certain areas that will be easy to add lighting. This makes it possible to add lighting by removing he upper parts.

Blood and Chrome 2004 Screen Grabs


Here are a few screen grabs from the TV series of the Raider in action