Kit Price – $675.

CR90 corvettes, also known as Corellian corvettes or blockade runners, were consular vessels manufactured by the Corellian Engineering Corporation.

While the CR90 would see initial use within the late Galactic Republic and Imperial Senate, many vessels would be appropriated by the early rebellion and Rebel Alliance against the First Galactic Empire, despite not being designed as a combat-oriented vessel.

They were later used by the navies of both the New Republic and the Resistance.

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Star Wars CR-90 Blockade Runner Prototype Kit

1/166 scale prototype CR-90 Corvette resin Model

Modeled from screen grabs form the movies and detail taken from the filming Minature, this is the CR-90 every Star Wars fan or collector must have.

Kit Information

As per my previous kits this model is also modular.
Once built the kit can be completely disassembled into 9 main sections, adding lighting later easier, or it can be glued together. The entire model is held together with super-strong PVC pipe that is screwed on at both ends.

I designed the engine block is such a way that the engine modules simply slide in, with only the side modules screwed in. This then holds the central engine in place.
There is an option with a modification to mount the kit from below, sides, or rear just like the movie filming miniature.
For those more adventurous I provide 2 upgrades, sold separately.

Option 1- An interior set that is the head and central section. A mod on the kit will be needed to add these.
Option 2 – You can convert the CR-90 to the original Falcon design, as done by Ralph McQuarrie back in 1977.

The kit comes standard with a cockpit. With 5 characters including Princess Leia.

Kit Specifications

Length – 90cm (3ft)

Weight – 6.8kg

My Youtube channel for this kit has 13 instruction videos. I highly recommend
watching all the vids and reading the instructions before starting your build.

Youtube build instructions link is at the top of this page.

As many may not know. The original falcon design was the CR-90. Conceptualised by Ralph Mcquarrie. George Lucas thought the design was too similar to the Space 1999 Eagle Lander. Therefore repurposing the ship to Leia’s cruiser and renaming the Falcon as we know it.

The Millennium Falcon name was derived from the original CR-90 design. After 1999, being the Millennium. The Falcon similar to the Eagle as a bird of prey.

The dish, cockpit and cone was simply removed and placed on the 5ft Falcon filming model.

I reproduced it as accurately as possible making it easy to light if needed.

This is sold as a seperate add on kit and converting from Blockade Runner will be easy as the nose slides off and the dish can be removed.


1/166 scale CR-90 Corvette 3D model

Renders of the 3D model that was used to print the master parts.