About DDC

About Me

Hi, my name is Tony and I’m a model builder using the digital medium as well as casting to realize my dream.

Being a South African and having most clients from international locations has its challenges. In saying this I have competitive prices for kit  size and quality.

Having built numerous scratch models as a youngster, then moving onto an Industrial model building apprenticeship and eventually transitioning into 3D model building and art it has been an interesting journey.

This dream has been a long time in the making for myself and countless model builders and collectors without whom this would not have been possible.

Design philosophy

All my kits are meticulously researched and planned in 3D before printing to make disassembly easy after construction. Adding aftermarket lighting or other upgrades is easy. The parts either clip or screw together.


Our Mission

To provide the highest and most accurate model kits to collectors and genre enthusiasts

Our Vision

To continually improve on quality, accuracy and customer satisfaction.