Kit Price – $675 , Optional Insurance – $30

Prices exclude Postage, Decals (Decals will be available from time to time as they are supplied by Tango Papa decals in USA) and 5% bank fee on the total amount for transfer of funds to my SA bank account and Paypal fees.

I design all my kits to be modular and easily screw and clip together with minimal glue needed. They can then be disassembled to add lighting at a later stage as well as making it easy to transport if needed.

Clients will get access to my Box account for all the build documents and reference used during the design.

My Youtube channel for this kit has 9 instruction videos. I highly recommend watching all the vids and reading the instructions before starting your build.

Youtube build instructions link is at the bottom of this page.

All kits are priced in $ (USD) SA Rand will be calculated on currency value, delivery is door to door with optional insurance. Please send me an email for a quote.


Prototype BSG Kit

Modeled directly from the ZOIC CGI series base mesh this is the kit every BSG fan or collector must have.

What you will get as a kit will be detail down to the last panel and even more since a lot of detail wasn’t seen in the series.

Consisting of cast parts as well as direct resin printed parts it will be an easy build with the main sections slotting and screwing into one another.

The belly slots together with the option to glue them together.Screws can then be added to the 3 spine sections and the nose/jaw and engine parts sliding and screwing into place.

Adding lighting will be easy since all the parts are made to accommodate wiring and led’s

Here are photos of the build progress that isn’t complete yet due to some molds that still need to be completed.

Battlestar Galactica Re-imagined 2003 3D Model


Thanks to Lee Stringer (CG Supervisor Season 1, Assets and Modeling Sup Miniseries) for doing these awesome renders.


BSG Re-imagined 2003 3D Mesh on stand

Due out in 2021 this is every Battlestar Galactica model collectors dream.

This is the modified 3D Mesh used to print the Master parts. I placed it on a stand to show how it will look on display with the included stand plates that are designed to fit between the lower ribs and slot into a base (Not supplied)

Designed as a modular kit this model will clip and screw together with minimal glue needed on the main structure.

The Decals for this kit will need to be ordered directly from Tango Papa decals as I wont be holding any sets as part of the kit.

The red Squares are reference to clearly show the Small Guns locations.

I designed this kit to easily add lighting, there will be an official
remote control lighting kit made by Brickstuff lighting in the USA.

Battlestar Galactica Re-imagined 2003 Blood and Chrome Version

Due to numerous requests for the Blood and Chrome version I converted the standard version to its earlier glory with full armor and weapon compliment.

This will be an add on kit sold separately from the standard kit.

The red Squares are reference to clearly show the Small Guns locations.

The conversion will require numerous modifications by sanding, once done converting back will be impossible. For this additional parts will have to be purchased.

Resin Printed Parts

Battlestar Galactica Re-imagined 2003 Resin Master prints

These are the master prints printed with resin on a Formlabs Form 3 printer using Grey modeling resin.

All the support points were manually added to ensure the detailed areas were left untouched.

The parts were modified and combined as needed before molds were made and casts poured.