Cylon 1/1930 SCALE RESIN KIT

 Kit Price – $325

The Basestars were developed at some point after the end of the Cylon War,
and replaced earlier ships of the same name. Unlike Cylon War-era
Basestars or previous Cylon technology in general, these Basestars were
constructed with hardened organic matter, and were operated by an
organic Cylon called a Hybrid rather than a crew.

As with most Cylon technology following the Cylon War, the Basestar
is organic in origin, and damage can be repaired like a wound
regenerating. Within the central section of the Basestar is habitation
for Humanoid Cylons and their Centurion servants, with a computer room
housing the Hybrid, a Cylon integrated into the ship’s mainframe and essentially the personification of the ship.


Above and below this section of the ship are rotating
sections, each with three wings coming out in a Y-shape. These sections
are the ship’s hangar decks. Raiders are embedded within the wings to
await launch. These wings can also be entered to reach the hangar deck,
which is pressurised. These inner parts of the ship have the organic
elements exposed; during a Colonial mission to destroy a Basestar with a
nuclear bomb, a Raptor had to land on the flesh. Another bay for Heavy
Raiders may also exist, as this flesh was not encountered by Colonial
officers during preparation for the Battle of the Resurrection Hub.

While Basestars are heavily armed and can fire a multitude of
missiles of different types, from conventional missiles to nuclear
missiles to MIRVs, they are not nearly as armoured as their Colonial
counterparts, though their regenerative abilities excel a damaged
battlestar’s requirement for several months of drydock.[1]

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Length – 2082m


Youtube build instructions link is at the bottom of this page.



1/1930 SCALE 75cm RESIN KIT

Prototype Kit

Modeled directly from the ZOIC CGI series base mesh this is the kit every BSG fan or collector must have.

What you will get as a kit will be detail down to the last panel and even more since a lot of detail wasn’t seen in the series.

Consisting of cast parts it will be an easy build with the main sections slotting and screwing into one another.

Adding lighting will be easy since all the parts are made to accommodate wiring and led’s

Weight – 2kg

Length – 75cm


My Youtube channel for this kit has 6 instruction videos. I highly recommend
watching all the vids and reading the instructions before starting your build.

Youtube build instructions link is at the bottom of this page.


Base Star Re-imagined 2003 3D Model
Base Star Re-imagined 2003 3D Mesh on stand

This is the modified 3D Mesh used to print the Master parts. I placed it on a stand to show how it will look on display with the included stand plates that are designed to fit over the lower limbs and slot into a base (Not supplied)

Designed as a modular kit this model will clip and screw together with minimal glue needed.

I designed this kit to easily add lighting and a battery pack with the option to run a power cable

Screen Grabs

BSG Cylon Base Star Re-imagined 2003 Screen Grabs


Here are a few screen grabs from the TV series of the Base Star in action