Kit Price – $330.

Spinner is the generic term for the fictional flying cars used in the film Blade Runner. A Spinner can be driven as a ground-based vehicle, take off vertically, hover, and cruise using jet propulsion much like the Vertical Take-Off and Landing aircraft currently in use today.

The spinner was designed by Syd Mead, appearing in Blade Runner, Soldier, Blade Runner (1997), and Blade Runner 2049. It has been replicated in films such as The Fifth Element and the Star Wars prequel trilogy.


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The Concept version not used in the movie was beautifully designed by Conceptual artist George Hull and was sadly not used.


Blade Runner 2049 Prototype Spinner Kit

1/17 scale prototype Spinner resin Model

Modeled from concept art only as no physical model exists, this is a must have for any Blade Runner fan.

I designed this kit to disassemble like all my other kits. This makes it easy to add lighting od do other mods after the complete build

The lighting is an optional extra sold by Brickstuff USA

1/17 scale Spinner 3D model
Renders of the 3D model that was used to print the master parts.