Upcoming Resin Kits

BSG Blood and Chrome Cylon Raider Re-imagined 2004 1/32 scale 3D Mesh

Due out 2022 this is every Battletsr Galactica model collectors dream.

The kit is modeled directly from the TV series 3D mesh, what you get as a kit is what was seen in the series.

Measuring at a whopping 50cm Wide x 40cm Long (20’w x 16’L) 1/32 scale

Designed as a modular kit this model will clip together with minimal glue needed in certain areas.

I designed this kit to easily add lighting, there will be an official remote control lighting kit made by Brickstuff lighting in USA.

Thanks to Lee Stringer (CG Supervisor Season 1, Assets and Modeling Sup Miniseries) for helping with certain details on this kit.

BSG Razor Raider Re-imagined 2004 Screen Grabs


Here are a few screen grabs from the TV series of the Raider in action